Privacy Policy

City Wide Dental Networks ("we", "us", "our") is dedicated to providing our service in a professional and information safe manner. It is our intention to only use personal and non-personal information for legal and legit reasons.

We provide service to multiple stake holders and treat each equally in regards to information security.

Information gathered by us is not for sale to any third-party. Nor is is given for free to any third-party.

Messaging Services
Services with personal information for Customers is provided by the Company. Data accuracy is not guaranteed by us. Customer personal information is only used for their intended uses and only with consent from the Company.

We reserve the right to personal privacy and allow Customers to opt-out of any and all messaging services. Messages from us to Customers is done on behalf of the Company.

Public Users
Users may visit our website without subscribing to our service. Upon visiting you agree that we will collect anonymous information such as the IP address you visit from, computer type, browser type, etc. No personal information is collected from Public Users.

Reviews & Surveys
Information submitted by Customers & Users via Reviews & Surveys may be used online or offline for any purpose by us and the Company the review or survey was submitted for. This information is considered to be pubically available world wide.

Review and survey information accuracy is not guaranteed by us for any reason. The company may opt to remove any review or survey information.

All information shown on our website is under international copyright. Use of this information without consent from us is illegal.

Company Responsibilities
We expect the Companies using our service to uphold security as a top priority. They are expected to report lost passwords, any possible security breach because of information loss, etc. We cannot guarantee information privacy when problems are caused by neglect of the Company or other third parties.

The Company is not allowed to share information gathered and used by us with any third party.

Legal & Law
Law enforcement may have access to personal information gathered by us only under the allowable circumstances. We will abide by all laws and best practices.

Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change and modify this Privacy Policy at any time. For more information contact us directly.