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Certified Review

   March 15th, 2019

I was overwhelmed by the level of professionalism, care and comfort provided by Dr. Kim and her outstanding team (Kimberly as well!). I can be quite nervous during cavity fillings and dental work, but was reassured, and collaborated with to ensure that I didn't panic during the procedure. I ended up laughing a lot with the team, as they are so wonderful. Could not hope for a more wonderful experience.

   - kathleeng [ patient for 17 months ]

Certified Review

   March 14th, 2019

So far, all is going well with my temporary tooth and I look forward to getting the real one next week. Thank you again for all of your work yesterday.

   - deannaj [ patient for 4 years ]

Certified Review

   February 26th, 2019

Overall is the best ,remarkable,awesome,and you guys are amazing, I can"t thank you enough.

   - geetaa [ patient for 3 years ]

Certified Review

   February 21st, 2019

I always enjoy coming for my appointment. The staff are all very friendly and know me by name. It's nice to come in to smiling faces every time. The staff is very knowledgable and are pretty well always on time and efficient with your appointment.

   - janaew [ patient for 13 years ]

Certified Review

   February 21st, 2019

Our family of four has been coming to see Dr. Kim and her team since the kids were little and they are now in their mid twenties and still 'happy' to go to All Smiles Dental Care, as are we. Not only are they very knowledgeable but are thoughtful and caring in all they do. From setting up appointments, and putting you at ease during them to overall supporting you to meet your dental hygiene goals and after care follow up. Highly recommend Dr. Kim and her clinic team!

   - lornal [ patient for 25 years ]

Certified Review

   February 21st, 2019

Dr Kim and her staff are wonderful and truly went above and beyond to make sure that I was completely satisfied with my new crowns and implants.

   - kellyk [ patient for 13 years ]
From Owner: Thanks so much Kelly. We loved seeing your final result too! Dr. Kim and the team are thrilled to know that you were so happy. Keep Smiling!

Certified Review

   February 15th, 2019

Many thanks for your professional and kind and warm care.

   - tanism [ patient for 3 years ]

Certified Review

   February 14th, 2019


   - Anonymous

Certified Review

   February 13th, 2019

Thank you again for your service. My teeth feel much cleaner. See you next week for the fillings.

   - deannaj [ patient for 4 years ]

Certified Review

   February 13th, 2019

Thanks Candis!

   - rileyk [ patient for 6 years ]

Certified Review

   February 2nd, 2019

Love this office!

   - kimberleyw [ patient for 19 years ]

Certified Review

   January 31st, 2019

All Smiles makes a potential uncomfortable experience as pleasant as possible.

   - darrelld [ patient for 23 years ]

Certified Review

   January 28th, 2019

We would highly recommend you to friends and family. You make it a lot of fun and my son is so comfortable there!!

   - julianh [ patient for 3 years ]

Certified Review

   January 22nd, 2019

I always have a wonderful experience at this office. I can't think of anywhere else I would rather go for dental services.

   - christ [ patient for 8 years ]

Certified Review

   January 19th, 2019

So great! Everyone is so nice

   - jasonm [ patient for 20 months ]

Certified Review

   January 18th, 2019

The office staff is very professional and ALWAYS makes me feel comfortable and cared for.

   - tinam [ patient for 8 years ]

Certified Review

   January 15th, 2019

friendly , qualified staff

   - bartonc [ patient for 7 years ]

Certified Review

   January 9th, 2019

Brenna and Dr. Kim always do AWESOME work!

   - johnf [ patient for 7 years ]

Certified Review

   January 8th, 2019

Excellent care as always.

   - keithm [ patient for 18 years ]

Certified Review

   January 4th, 2019

Temporary crowns seem to be working fine.

   - ericb [ patient for 19 months ]

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